White House Honey Ale

Logo of the United States White House

Logo of the United States White House

Homebrewing has officially infiltrated the White House, according to Obama Foodorama.

As if having J-Lo and Marc Anthony on your Superbowl party guest list isn’t cool enough, this year, President Obama served up a homebrewed honey ale to his guests.  The recipe is the brainchild of an unnamed White House chef who used 1 pound of honey, taken from the White House bee hive (that’s right — there’s an official White House bee hive).

Beers from both Pittsburgh and Green Bay were also on the menu.  A number of brews from Hinterland Brewery, and the obligatory Yuengling, rounded out the beer selection. Unfortunately, despite Scott Smith’s courageous campaign (and borderline bribery), Pittsburgh’s East End Brewery was effectively snubbed.

There is no official statement which confirms or denies whether or not Janet Napolitano entered into a chugging contest with Senator Bob Casey, ending in a karaoke duet of “Islands in the Stream”.

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